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Sports medicine

/!\ COVID-19 /!\ May we ask patients with symptoms of a respiratory infection or diarrhoea to stay at home and reach the doctor by phone if necessary (02 687 80 63).
Sport injuries

This concerns all possible physiological complaints. It requires in the first place a thorough investigation of the complaint. After a physical examination, we will consider whether a further technical investigation is justified in order to reach a diagnosis. Many diagnoses can be made on the spot and treated immediately; others may require to be referred to specialized services, of course after a thorough discussion with the patient.

Some examples of frequent problems are complaints of pain due to overstressing, injured tendons, respiratory problems such as hyperventilation and asthma due to excessive effort, reduced performance due to overtraining, exhaustion, weight issues such as over- and under-weight.

For this please make an appointment with Dr. Sneijers.

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