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Medical Practice

Nuttige Informatie

1. Medical Attest and Prescriptions

For any kind of medical attest, please make an appointment.  It requires an appointment to check you and your records, since your attest must conform to the medical reality. 

Ask us only for what is is reasonable, factual and true.
We do not provide prescriptions requested by telephone. During our consultations, you will receive prescriptions sufficient to last you until the next consultation or examination. 
Exceptionally, an emergency prescription may be filled by the pharmacist, but this may never become the rule. 

2. Global Medical Record – Belgium: Dutch: Globaal medisch dossier (GMD) - French: Dossier médical global (DMG)

Source : website of the Belgian Federal Social Security Service (

Regardless of your age, you may request to open a « dossier médical global” (GMD) at the doctor of your choice. The cost of opening and maintaining the GMD are entirely reimbursable by your health insurance, the "mutualité." 

Why opt for a GMD?
  • Your medical information is centralized in a single location, and maintained
  • Your family practice doctor and you have a complete picture of your health situation
  • Unneeded examinations and redundant treatment are avoided
  • Seamless and rapid exchange of data with other care givers, case of hospitalisation
In addition, your Belgian health insurance will increase its contribution, so that the share you will have to pay is reduced by 30%. This reduction applies to:
  • Consultations with your Family Doctor holding your GMD, or with her/his colleagues from within the same medical practice
  • Consultations and house calls for a patient 75 years and older
  • Consultations and house calls for chronically ill patients, regardless of age
Under certain conditions, the reduction of your cost-share portion can be extended to treatment by another doctor who is not the one originating your GMD. Examples would be group practices, or when your own doctor is absent due to illness or vacation. In such cases, the treating physician should note this on the attestation of medical treatment. Such annotation implies that the treating physician has access to the GMD, and with the authorisation of the affected patient.

3. Useful Phone Numbers

Institution All Phone Numbers are Belgium country code: +32
MCH (medical center) Wezembeek-Oppem
MCH (medical center) Leuven 016/310.191
Fire Department Overijse 02/687.78.00
Local Police 02/769.69.30
Physician On Duty 02/687.26.00
Card stop for lost or stolen credit cards 070/344.344
Dentist On Duty 0903/399.69
Pharmacy On Duty 0900/10.500
Medical and Fire Emergency 112
Police 101
Belgian Red Cross 105
Flanders Red Cross 02/349.53.50
Chat Line (anonymous) 106
Child Focus 116
Poison Centre 070/245.245
Suicide Prevention (24u/24u) 02/649.95.55
Cancer Phone (free, anonymous) 0800/15.802
Flanders Cancer Phone 078/15.01.51
Flemish League Against Cancer 02/227.69.69
Child and Youth Hotline 0800/15.111
AIDS and SOA Hotline 078/15.15.15
Alcohol and Drugs 078/15.10.20
Alcoholics Anonymous (24u/24u) 03/239.14.15
Alzheimer Phone 078/15.29.11
Victims Assistance 014/230.242
Diabetes Info 0800/96.333
Multiple Sclerosis Info 0800/93.352
SOS Youth Line 02/376.36.36
Child Abuse Confidential Centre, A.Z. VUB 02/477.60.60
Burn Centre Neder-over-Heembeek (24u/24u) 02/268.62.00
Burn Centre Antwerpen 03/217.75.95
Burn Centre Gent 09/240.34.90
Burn Centre Leuven 016/33.22.11

4. Physician in training (HAiO)

Our universities have recognised our medical practice for the internships of the general practitioner (GP) in training - "HAiO" in Dutch.

The HAiO is a physician who, after seven years’ medical school. has graduated and follows a post-graduate curriculum within a practice of associated GPs. This two-year program is a requirement to be certified and recognised as General Practitioner.

The HAiO is a full member within the team of doctors and handles his consultations independently. As may be appropriate, the HAiO may invite consultation by any of the other physicians.