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Medical Dietician

/!\ COVID-19 /!\ May we ask patients with symptoms of a respiratory infection or diarrhoea to stay at home and reach the doctor by phone if necessary (02 687 80 63).
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Annick Joos

-  health nutrition and weight loss
-  Sports nutrition
-  Nutrition of children
Tina Simons

- Health nutrition and weight loss
- Diabetes (in training as diabetes educator)
- Nutrition after an operation, illness or   enfeeblement
- Zorgtrajecten 

Looking for personalised coaching and made-to-measure nutritional advice?

You have specific questions concerning nutrition? 

You're being overwhelmed by the surfeit of "information" on food?

We are officially recognised dietitians, at your service.

Personalised nutritional counseling for:

- overweight, underweight, and special sports diets

- diabetes and cardiovascular risks; nutrition following an operation, illness, or  enfeeblement...

The initial consultation will take about one hour (50 euro). 

So sign up for a double period - two adjacent periods - for your first appointment.

The second consultation will take about 30 - 60minutes (25-45 euro). 

The follow up consultations require 30 minutes each at 25 euro.


Unable to find an adequate timeslot on our site for a first appointment? Additional questions? 

Then call us on : 

Annick Joos                0472/575399

Tina Simons                0497/314475

 If you can not be present for an appointment already reserved, do cancel at least 24 hours in advance. Appointments not canceled in time are billed to you!

 Please check with your health insurance for reimbursement of your costs.