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Medical Blood tests

/!\ COVID-19 /!\ May we ask patients with symptoms of a respiratory infection or diarrhoea to stay at home and reach the doctor by phone if necessary (02 687 80 63).
Make an online appointment for a bloodtest

Blood SampleTesting

For a blood test, you must make TWO appointments.

The 1st appointment is made with the nurse, on Monday or Thursday mornings between 08:00 and 10:30. This appointment entails no expense. 
The 2nd appointment you make is with one of our doctors. The day after the blood test the results are available. Purpose is to discuss the results of the blood analysis. 

Should you be unable to visit us on Monday or Thursday mornings, your doctor can also draw blood on another weekday. You should still make another appointment to discuss the analysis. Analysis results are not given by telephone.